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Ready to taste success? Join the UK’s largest manufacturer in confectionery and, thanks to high-quality training and support from a mentor, you almost certainly will.

We’ve been offering apprenticeships in the UK and Ireland for many years now. So we know how to bring out your best, and help you thrive within a fast-paced, global business.

At the moment we employ 63 apprentices in Manufacturing and Engineering across the UK and Ireland. And we’ve just added a brand new Chocolate RD&Q programme.

Whichever apprenticeship you take up, you’ll become part of a supportive team who’ll share their knowledge and expertise with you and help you develop on the job. Add formal college course work to the mix and, before you know it, you’ll be a highly-skilled professional with a bright future ahead of you.

Applications for our Manufacturing, Engineering, and Chocolate RD&Q apprenticeships are currently closed.


You’ll need a solid academic record along with five GCSEs grades A*-C (including Maths and English). Couple this with excellent people skills and the ability to adapt to a constantly changing environment, and the delicious world of Mondelēz International could be yours to enjoy.

We’re looking for people who are hungry to learn and love nothing more than taking on a challenge. We’ll also need you to have great attention to detail, an insatiable curiosity about the wider world and a real passion for building a successful future.


Our salaries start at £12,000 in year one and rise to £14,000 in year two. Engineers then step up to around £16,000 in year three and around £18,000 in year four.

Wherever you join, you’ll find an attractive salary backed up by an impressive array of benefits, including up to 27 days’ holiday per year, a company pension scheme and a delicious discount at the staff shop.

We’ll also offer you full funding for any related qualifications.


Banbury is the home of Kenco coffee and the Mondelēz International Global Centre of Excellence for Coffee R&D. We produce an incredible 100 million jars of instant coffee every year and supply over 350 products to more than 25 countries. Want to know how we get the delicious Kenco taste? Or how we package our coffee so it stays fresh? Wake up to an invigorating Engineering apprenticeship in Manufacturing and R&D.

During your apprenticeship, you’ll get a refreshing mix of practical and theoretical training. You’ll spend your first year full time at college in Coventry, where you’ll complete a BTEC level 3 diploma in Engineering. Over the next three years, you’ll be on day release to college while developing your practical skills on site, working alongside skilled and experienced technicians. You’ll get to taste a number of departments including coffee packing, coffee process, utilities, technical services and freeze dried, which will introduce you to the wide range of engineering systems we use. At the end of the scheme, you’ll have a BTEC level 4 HNC diploma in Engineering or a foundation degree to your name.


Learn what it takes to create confectionery perfection by immersing yourself for up to two and a half years in the practical and theoretical elements of manufacturing operations. This means learning about product process, plant operations, health & safety, and routine maintenance activities.

Along with leading a project with other apprentices, you’ll have the chance to polish your presentation skills and represent the company on a national stage. You’ll also get the chance to take eight, 12-week placements in one of our UK factories and be part of new product launches, energy reduction schemes, community projects and much, much more.

When you complete the apprenticeship, you’ll be awarded the Intermediate apprenticeship in Food and Drink, and exciting opportunities will await you. Previous apprentices, for example, have gone on to become plant operators, running fully automated production processes for brands such as Cadbury and Kenco. Other apprentices have become shift managers for up to 70 people, quality systems administrators working with our manufacturing teams and Head of Manufacturing at our Bournville site.


Engineering is where our brilliant ideas become a delicious reality. Our engineers develop the highly technical processes behind every product we make, whether it’s an imaginative chocolate bar like Marvellous Creations, an irresistible snack like Dairylea Dunkers or some wonderful new treat we haven’t even thought of yet.

Join our Engineering apprenticeship programme and experience both the operational and technical sides of what we do. Over the course of four years you’ll learn about a wide range of areas, such as manufacturing, factory quality, hygiene and safety requirements, and the maintenance of a number of production processes.

After learning the engineering basics at a recognised college during your first year, you’ll be based in one of our UK factories, earning while you learn. You’ll gain knowledge of industrial-scale computerised control systems, world-class Continuous Improvement techniques, condition-based monitoring, vibration analysis and preventative maintenance.

Once your apprenticeship is complete, you’ll be awarded an Advanced Maintenance apprenticeship. After your second year, if you’ve got the passion to keep learning, you’ll be able to apply for further education (i.e. a foundation degree in an engineering discipline or HNC).

There’s no limit to your potential at Mondelēz International. Previous apprentices, for example, have gone on to become Engineering Technicians, maintaining fully automated production processes for brands such as Trebor and Kenco.


Our brand new Chocolate RD&Q apprenticeship will give you all the skills and experience you need for a bright future in the food industry. It’s a work-based programme lasting two years, and is meant for people with a genuine passion for chocolate. If that’s you, get in touch!

Research, Development & Quality (RD&Q) is the magical ingredient that brings all our brands, big and small, to life. From measuring the nutritional value of our products to extending shelf life and providing sensory testing, RD&Q is where we turn great ideas into brilliant brands.

As part of our Chocolate RD&Q apprenticeship, you’ll gain the technical skills to become a fully-trained chocolatier and confectioner. You’ll learn everything from artisan methods to mass production processes, as well as the importance of health and safety in the workplace, quality assurance and food safety.

What’s more, you’ll get to put your skills into practice by working on real projects with scientists, engineers and packaging specialists. You’ll learn about the wider business too, how it works and the importance of RD&Q in driving us forward.

At the end of the two-year programme you’ll come away with a level 3 FDQ diploma in Food Industry and, if all goes well, an opportunity for a future career with us.


Mondelēz International is home to some of the world’s best loved brands and the Sheffield site is no exception, producing iconic products in the Bassett’s, Maynard’s, Trebor, Oreo and Belvita ranges amongst others.

Join us as an apprentice and you’ll get a refreshing mix of practical and theoretical training. You’ll become part of a positive team who will help you develop your skills on the job by sharing their knowledge and expertise. Add formal college course work to the mix and you’ll be a highly-skilled person with a bright future ahead of you, before you know it. You’ll spend your first year full time at college where you’ll complete your NVQ PEO level 2 covering skills such as machining, hand fitting, mechanical maintenance, welding, electrical installation & maintenance and pneumatics.

Over the next three years, you’ll be on day release to college while developing your practical skills on site, working alongside skilled and experienced technicians to achieve your NVQ Level 3 in Engineering Maintenance and BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Engineering, followed by the potential of a HNC or Foundation Degree in Engineering.